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  • The Association co-sponsored Phonetics and Phonology in Europe, held at the University of Cambridge on 29-30 June 2015. Congratulations to the two winners of the LabPhon Best Student Paper Award:
  • The annual meeting of the Association for Laboratory Phonology was held on July 25 in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Complete minutes are available to Association members here. Announcements at the meeting included:
    • Thanks to Executive Council members Bob Ladd (president), Caroline Smith (treasurer), Greg Dogil (organizing committee, LabPhon13), and José Hualde (councilor-at-large) for their service, and welcome to incoming members Ken de Jong (vice-president/president-elect), Jeff Mielke (treasurer), and Cécile Fougeron (councilor-at-large);
    • Welcome to Julia Hirschberg, newly-elected Honorary Member of the Association;
    • The next annual meeting of members of the Association will be held during the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences in Glasgow, 10-14 August 2015;
    • LabPhon15 will be held at Cornell University in 2016.

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The Association for Laboratory Phonology is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the association is to promote the scientific study of all aspects of the phonetics and phonology of spoken and signed languages through scholarly exchange across disciplines. The association is an international body open to scholars world-wide, and is committed to the advancement and diffusion of knowledge on the phonetics and phonology of all human languages.