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Member benefits

Membership in the Association for Laboratory Phonology confers a number of benefits and services, including the following.

  • Conference subsidies: LabPhon members are eligible for the reduced member rates for LabPhon conference registration.
  • Executive Committee: LabPhon members are eligible to stand for election to the Executive Committee, to nominate other members for election, and to vote in elections.
  • Member database: LabPhon members have access to the Association's database of members.

Membership Costs

All rates are in US dollars.

  • Full Membership is $210 for two years
  • Student Membership is $80 for two years

The cost of a two-year membership in the Association for Laboratory Phonology was increased in Nov 2017 to $210 for regular members and $80 for student members. This works out to $105 or $40 per year. The vast majority of our membership income is used to support our open access journal Laboratory Phonology, which is free to both authors and readers. The rest of our membership income supports the association's website, student conference travel, and other activities of the association.

Join the Association for Laboratory Phonology by e-mail. - Download (right click and Save As), fill in and e-mail this form to the Association Administrator (admin@labphon.org).

Continuing membership

From 2016, memberships are valid for two years from the date on which membership dues are paid. When your membership approaches expiry you will receive an email to your registered email address with instructions on how to renew.