Laboratory Phonology

The journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology.
Published by Mouton de Gruyter, starting in 2010.
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Laboratory Phonology represents the scientific study of the elements of spoken language, their organization, their grammatical function, and their role in speech communication. The research questions and some of the methods also extend naturally to the parallel investigation of manual signs as the encoding elements of signed languages. Laboratory phonology is emerging as the dominant approach to the study of sound systems in universities in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and many other locations, and is at the leading edge of the general shift towards experimental and quantitative approaches to the study of language across the discipline of linguistics.

Editorial Team

General Editor

  • Jennifer Cole - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Associate Editors

  • Jonathan Barnes - Boston University
  • Štefan Beňuš - Constantine the Philosopher University and the Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Lisa Davidson - New York University
  • Mirjam Ernestus - Radboud University
  • Carlos Gussenhoven - Radboud University
  • Holger Mitterer - University of Malta

Editorial Assistant

  • Kayla Hewitt


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Previous Series

The journal Laboratory Phonology continues a series of peer-reviewed archival volumes published roughly biennially since 1991. The series was called Papers in Laboratory Phonology for volumes 1 through 6 and Laboratory Phonology for volumes 7 through 10.

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